The Micro-Wedding: Small Gatherings, Big Opportunities

The Micro-Wedding: Small Gatherings, Big Opportunities

The concept of more relaxed and intimate wedding celebrations has seen a steep rise in popularity. It comes as no surprise that the Coronavirus Pandemic has had a huge impact on the wedding industry. Couples around the world have had to think outside the traditional wedding box, to find new, fun and safe ways to celebrate their love.

Micro-weddings host a shorter guest-list, of usually up to 25 people. This approach to the special day allows couples to be more flexible and boasts numerous opportunities for the happy pair to take advantage of. Couples can be more creative with their choice of setting, entertainment and activity with a smaller wedding party to cater for. Personalise the day and show your guests who you are as a couple – whether this be through a relaxing and scenic private wine-tasting, or an adventurous day out at sea. Most importantly, the newlyweds are able to spend more time creating memories with each of their guests.

But why stop there? You can choose to extend the experience at a later date. Forming a guest list with a limit in mind can be a challenge for anyone. Another trend born out of restriction-fuelled 2020 has been the idea to ‘wed now, party later’ – save yourself the stress of playing musical chairs with your guest list, and host another gathering! Save a date in the future to host another celebration for all of your family and friends.

Given the potential for intimacy and personalisation, pandemic or not, micro-weddings are here to stay.

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