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Imagine having a short movie trailer of your special day where you can share with family and friends, and re live the tears of joy and laughters. Where you are the stars of the show. A memory that you shall never forget.

Our wedding videos are bold, cinematic, story telling and original. Our mission is to capture every moment with out being imposing or disruptive, allowing you to fully enjoy your day as if our presence was not there.

Every moment of life has unique emotions so each wedding video  or reels of yours must be different from one another. Whenever a loving couple has an elegant video/cinematography they must keep the remembrance of it.

You’re in great hands with our experienced & fun wedding photographers. Get in touch to book the best wedding photography services in Italy today!

Our wedding cinematographers at Tales of Love will work with you to understand your specific desires and requirements, tailoring a visual concept that is unique to you and your loved one.  Check out some of our previous wedding videography in Italy and Malta work for yourself!

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Wedding Cinematography

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Why You Should be Hiring Tales of Love for your next Wedding Videography?

Everyone knows that videography is a must-have on your wedding day, to immortalise your moments to look back on in many happy years to come. We’ve come so far now with technology, that cinematography is quickly making its way onto the ‘must-have list’ – with advances in the equipment and software allowing us to capture not just the moments, but to create visual art of the entire day in ways that are simply not possible solely from a photographic camera lens. 

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons on why you should be hiring a wedding videography:

  • We won’t miss a thing. Our wedding videography at Tales of Love will ensure to capture everything, with specific focus to the moments that matter. You won’t need to worry about always being ‘switched on’ or ready to pose. This is your day, enjoy it!
  • As beautiful as a wedding videography can be, it can’t awaken the auditory senses. Wedding cinematography/videography allows us to encapsulate the intimacy of a couple reading their vows to one another, through to the vibrancy of their closest family and friends cheering and celebrating their new start. And let’s not forget about music – we can create a short film highlighting the best moments of your wedding day, with an auditory backdrop of your choosing. This could be a reflection of what songs were on your wedding playlist, or we can work with you in suggesting different tracks dependent on a theme of your choosing.

Having a wedding cinematographer working alongside a wedding videographer has its benefits. This collaboration from Tales of Love ensures the fullest coverage of the day, and both are able to support each other in getting the best shots respectively.