Wedding Photography Service in Italy and Malta – A Match Made in Heaven

There is no match more perfect (other than the union of you and your loved one, of course!) than a wedding photographer. Both have the ability to support one another, ensure that every minute and beautiful detail at your wedding is well-covered. 

From a couple’s perspective, there is however the worry that the two may clash. Whether this is due to creative differences, or styles of working, it is possible that they may get in each other’s way. Though we understand it’s difficult to take that worry away, we’d like to put your minds at ease.

At Tales of Love, our wedding  photographers have experience working with each other and supporting one another to produce cohesive and high-calibre pieces of art. You can view our portfolio below for some examples of  photography that we have produced for couples on their happy day.

Though we are proud of our delivery of both services in tandem, we understand if you may not wish to have us working on both elements. So, we’d also like to share with you some crucial tips and consulting (that we ourselves follow) when a wedding cinematographer and videographer who are unfamiliar with one another are handed the important task of capturing the best and most beautiful moments on your special day.