Must See Locations: Focus on Verona – Italy

You may have noticed some of our previous articles were based in and around the Maltese islands. What you may not know is The Tales of Love team is also based in Italy, giving you an even wider choice of setting for all your wedding photography and videography needs.

So… why Verona? This UNESCO World Heritage site is a city known for eternal love, and was once home to one of history’s most celebrated couples, Romeo and Juliet. Surrounded by desire and passion, Verona is the perfect setting  of Romance. It’s also the perfect setting for photography – as vehicles are prohibited in the city centre, your photographs and videos will show you walking through the city’s cobbled streets completely undisturbed.

Let’s look at a few potential backdrops – Juliet’s balcony:

This beautiful setting welcomes letters from lovers all over the world, writing their names down in hopes that their story will be as romantic as Romeo and Juliet’s.

Castelvecchio Bridge:

This bridge is particularly breath-taking in the evening, when the sparkle of city lights are reflected on the surrounding water

Giusti Gardens:

These gardens were planted in 1580 and are considered to be some of the most beautiful in Europe.

If you’re looking for a church ceremony, Verona has a number of different picturesque churches and chapels to choose from. Similar to those featured in our Maltese Architecture piece, Verona hosts Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque houses of worship.

Basilica of Saint Zeno

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