Must See Locations: Focus on Maltese Architecture

Must See Locations: Focus on Maltese Architecture


Following our recent post of three must see wedding photography locations in Malta, we plan to share many more beautiful backdrops where our photographers and videographers will be able to capture some of your most cherished moments. Our focus in this post shines a spotlight on structures that pay tribute to Malta’s tapestry of culture. 



Maltese architecture has a rich history, following the various cultures of its past ruling bodies. The Order of St. John introduced Renaissance themes from 1530, with Baroque-style buildings gaining popularity in the mid-16th century. The rule of the British Empire in 1800 brought Neoclassical and Neo-Gothic architecture, which remained the predominant style in the 19th century until the island gave way to more contemporary movements. 


Il-Qrendi Parish Church is a perfect example of Baroque influence. The Roman Catholic church provides an intricate setting to compliment your wedding photoshoot. You won’t need to worry about crowds interfering, as it is not considered to be in a top-tourist location.

(image from google places)

Another picture-perfect Baroque church is the Rotunda of Xewkija in Gozo. Where old meets new, structures were added to this 17th century church from 1952-1978 to accommodate the growing numbers of the town. 


Yes, there are no shortage of churches across the island – with over 350 churches, you’d practically be able to visit a different one on every day of the year! Though beautiful, you may want something a little different for your backdrop. Built during the British Empire, the Victoria Lines (known as the Great Wall of Malta) emit a stronger sense of adventure. This impressive structure spans over 12km, giving you and your partner an ample and unique path to roam while capturing your wedding moments. Perfect for some aerial views from our wedding videographers

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