It’s All in the Details – 5 Meaningful Items to Carry With You on Your Wedding Day

If you could select a few memorable items to have with you on your wedding day, what would they be? We’ve compiled a list of suggestions you may want to consider:

two pink and white floral boxes


  1. You may be lucky enough to wear your mother’s wedding dress at your own wedding! Though not everyone might choose to do this, or may not be able to, there may be another item linked to your parents’ special day that you may want to carry with you or have featured at the wedding.
  2. Why don’t you start your own tradition? You could pick out a new piece of jewelry or cufflinks (or something different entirely!) with the intention to pass this onto your children or loved ones for their special moments.
  3. Some of your loved ones may no longer be able to be there with you in person on your wedding day. A wonderful way to include them at the ceremony is to have their photos with you. Some may prefer to have them framed and displayed at their tables, or you may prefer to have them close to your heart in a locket.
  4. A secret note from your future spouse is a lovely token to have with you throughout the day – a short note not to be opened until after you say, ‘I do’.
  5. Flowers – these will almost certainly already be on your ‘must-have’ wedding list, but you could also consider having some arrangements of flowers linked to special memories, such as the flowers you received from your partner on a first date.

bride holding flower bouquet


Whatever the items you want with you on your wedding day are, we can work with you to make sure each and every one is featured in its own way amongst your wedding photography and wedding cinematography. Whether this is through a dedicated pre-wedding shoot, or a tasteful glimpse in your short film of the day, we’ll ensure to build these old memories into your new ones and give these items their time in the spotlight.

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