Destination wedding videography in Malta and Italy

Wedding Videography Destinations in Malta and Italy that can't be missed

For special occasions such as weddings or other allied events, you want the memories to last forever. You may still have a wedding without using videography or photos. It is possible to have a wedding without photography or videography for your friends, cousins, or other loved ones, but these features add frosting to the cake. Although a wedding videographer is not required, they will undoubtedly enhance the experience. They’ll follow you about all day to make a movie of recollections from either your own or a friend’s wedding. They’ll be around for a long time. 

These skilled photographers will attempt to catch all of the wonderful moments during your day, while your videographer will record all of the in-between moments (not to mention all the audio to accompany them). Plus, having a real video to look back on will be something you’ll cherish for years. And they choose the best for you during the edition. Whenever you see these videos and photos you can rewind your memories and relive your day or moments.

Our professional videographers in Malta and Italy are here to create a motion picture that tells the entire story through your special wedding day and can be shared with others too. The videos you shoot or captured can draw inspiration from the best moments to give a different “feel”. Every moment of life has unique emotions so each wedding video of yours must be different from one another. Whenever a loving couple has an elegant video they must keep the remembrance of it.


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malta wedding destination

Malta! The perfect wedding location that you can’t miss. You must be asking, do i need to be a Maltese citizen to officially get married in Malta? No, anyone can come visit Malta for their wedding destination. With its mild winters and hot summers, cool beaches this picturesque island archipelago is the ideal destination for year-round weddings for people all around Europe.

In Brescia

brescia wedding service

A small city located in the Lombardy region of north Italy, Brescia offers rich and historical landscapes. Videography at romantic Lake Iselo can add value to your memory. Franciacorta is famous for sparkling wine, the region having gentle rolling hills covered with vineyards. When you are in Brescia you will be able to capture the most interesting and fascinating places of this city like Piazza Della Loggia, The Duomo Vecchio, Piazza del Duomo, Capitolium, Brescia Romana, and so on.

At Padova

padova wedding service

Padova is a quaint city in the Veneto region of northern Italy, with several public piazze, old bridges, and waterways. If you are planning a wedding in Padova, there are many beautiful sites to visit, such as the Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico) of Padua University, which is a popular springtime destination. Other rare art treasures, such as a frescoed church, one of Italy’s key artistic treasures, and the burial place and the shrine of one of the world’s most famous saints, are frequently visited, and visitors love to photograph the experience. The city has a rich religious heritage, beginning with the Basilica of St. Antonio, a magnificent church built in the thirteenth century that houses priceless works. The Basilica of St. Peter and the Basilica of St. Paul are two more noteworthy churches.


mantova wedding service

Mantova, in the Lombardy area of northern Italy, is noted for the architectural legacy of the Renaissance Gonzaga monarchs, who constructed the Ducal Palace. The Bridal Chamber is housed in this majestic structure, which is embellished with frescoes by Andrea Mantegna. The Gonzagas also constructed the Te Palace, which is famous for the Chamber of the Giants, which has mythical themes painted on every surface.


mantova wedding service

Vicenza is a wonderful city located in northern Italy, halfway between Venice and Verona. It’s a delightful town to visit, with a lovely, compact town center and elegant buildings such as the Basilica Palladiana, the Palazzo Chiericati, the Teatro Olimpico, and many others, as well as hills.


mantova wedding service

Trento is located in northern Italy, on the Adige River, and is nestled within the Adige River Valley, south of the Province of Bolzano. The Adige River Valley is mostly formed by mountains and valleys, and boasts stunning scenery of exceptional beauty, such as the Alps. Buonconsiglio Castle and Gardens, Piazza del Duomo’s Neptune Fountain, and so on.

Wedding videography is like mini-documentaries where you can sense all the great moments’ like a twinkle in the eyes and cheerful smile of your guest who has attended the function. It can craft regret to those who have missed the event to attend it. When videography is done professionally, multiple camera angles are used, it takes imagination to the viewer and transporting them back to that incredible moment they had. At the same time if it is incorporated with sensible melody make it a masterpiece. When you add these most popular destinations to your wedding album, it will undoubtedly become a memorable memory of all time in a few years.

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