It’s All in the Details – 5 Meaningful Items to Carry With You on Your Wedding Day

If you could select a few memorable items to have with you on your wedding day, what would they be? We’ve compiled a list of suggestions you may want to consider: Credit: You may be lucky enough to wear your mother’s wedding dress at your own wedding! Though not everyone might choose to do … Read more

Destination wedding photography in Malta and Italy

verona: best wedding location in 2021

A destination wedding takes place somewhere other than your hometown. In many cases, a destination wedding and subsequent honeymoon are held at the same location. Destination Wedding Photographer specializes in destination weddings for couples who want to add that special touch to their wedding by holding it in a surprise location/s where the magic is … Read more

The Eco-Wedding: A Responsible Start to Married Life

Though luscious greenery and natural views often form the backdrop of many weddings, the event itself may not always be the kindest to the environment. Choosing to consider your carbon footprint on your special day is an incredible way to celebrate your new beginnings. The extent to which you choose to do so is also … Read more