Duomo di Santo Stefano, Piazza Mons. Marini 1, Casalmaggiore, Cremona

Dinner & Party

Villa Affaitati
Via Roma 8, Grumello Cremonese ed Uniti, Cremona.

Dress Code

Elegant (no total white, no total black)

Will you be there?

Please confirm your attendance by no later than July 15th.

Photos & Videos

Share the photos and videos that you took during our special day. We would love to relive the same emotions through your eyes.

Our Story

Christian Soldi

31, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics. I’m currently a Senior Anti-Fraud Analyst in the Cybersecurity Unit of Intesa Sanpaolo between Milan, Turin, and Brescia. Besides numbers, I’m passionate about football, skiing, hunting, and I’ve been actively volunteering for a local charity in Cremona for years.

Elena Bocchi

29, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics (minor in Business), and a Master’s degree in Languages (minor in International Management).
I got passionate about marketing, behavioral science, and research. I’m now a Doctoral Candidate in Marketing at Bayes Business School in London. I’m passionate about hiking, skiing, volleyball, and I’ve been actively volunteering for a local charity in Cremona for years


We met in high school, and our story started on 4th November 2009.

Hand in hand, we have grown up together over the years


On 4th November 2022, on The Shard, we closed our eyes, remembered all the years together, and dreamt about those that will come… and she said “YES”.

Wedding Gift

Your participation at our wedding is our biggest gift, but if you would like to contribute to our honey moon or our life together…

Account name: Christian Soldi – Elena Bocchi  
IBAN: IT22A0306956740100000090167

For our friends coming from far away…

If you are coming from far away, we recommend staying in Cremona. On the wedding day, there will be a bus leaving from the city centre of Cremona (location TBA) that will take you to the Church in Casalmaggiore for the ceremony, and then to Villa Affaitati for the dinner and party. At the end of the event, the same bus will take you back to Cremona city centre.

We recommend these two hotels in the city centre of Cremona.

Hotel Impero
Hotel Duomo


For any logistic information (e.g., to reserve the bus service), please get in touch with our wedding planner, Elena Storchi, at: elena@lesignoredeglianelli.it